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We support Oklahoma State Parks by providing funding and volunteers to support programs, education, preservation, improvements and more.



We partner with education organizations and State agencies to develop and fund outdoor education programs and services, including equipment and outreach materials; endowments for outreach programs, such as youth environmental education, fishing clinics, introduction to camping, cultural presentations and more.



  • Partnership with the Cresap Family Foundation to provide elementary, middle school and high school science camps at Osage Hills State Park (2018.)

  • "A Winter Count," a re-enactment of the Cheyenne-Arapaho winter encampment, at Roman Nose State Park (2015.)

  • Partnership with the Wyandotte Nation to host a spring break science camp at Bernice State Park (2014.)

  • Spring break science camps at Bernice, Greenleaf and Sequoyah State Parks (2012.)

  • Partnership with the Kirkpatrick Family Foundation, Kerr Foundation, Gelvin Foundation, McMahon Foundation and the Osage Nation to develop the "Earth, Sky and Song, the Connection Between Oklahoma’s Land, Climate and People” environmental education program, which provided materials meeting 4th and 5th grade Social Studies standards to 800 Oklahoma schools (2008-2011.)

Park Improvements

We partner with state parks to identify, fund and implement improvements to existing park facilities, with an emphasis on recreation equipment, interpretive/nature center facilities and interpretive trail improvements.


  • Purchase of automated external defibrillators for seven state parks, in partnership with OTRD, Aetna and CVS Health (2023.)

  • Funding repairs at Roman Nose State Park Golf Course, in partnership with OTRD (2023.)

  • Development of a mountain bike trail at Lake Thunderbird State Park (2014-2015.)

  • Development of a mountain bike trail at Beavers Bend State Park (2021.)

  • Installation of park benches at Bernice State Park (2011.)

The Oklahoma State Parks Foundation works to strengthen the Oklahoma State Parks system through four main areas of work.

Environmental Conservation

We provide financial support for park resource management- reforestation, landscape beautification, wildlife habitat improvement and shoreline stabilization. We also provide funding to support recycling and litter abatement programs, as well as funding for research, inventory and management planning of plant and animal species.


  • Partnership with Color Oklahoma to develop wildflower pollinator gardens at 14 state parks (2018.)

  • Development of a butterfly garden at Lake Thunderbird State Park (2015.)

  • Development of the Clean the World recycling program at state parks (2012.)

Historic Preservation

We fund stabilization and restoration of park historic structures, focusing primarily on facilities constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration. We also fund the development of park history exhibits and cultural presentations; we also fund the preservation and protection of historical artifacts and cultural resources on park lands.


  • Development of a digital repository of historical documents for the Oklahoma State Parks system (ongoing.)


Join us in supporting Oklahoma's state parks!

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